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Sandra K. Burcham, LISW-S, ACHP-SW, Palliative Social Worker
I have over sixteen years of experience with hospice and palliative care and have earned advanced certification in hospice and palliative social work. I strive to assure every patient receives healthcare in keeping with their goals and values, and work directly with each individual to provide the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support they need to assure quality of life for the person and their family.

Nancy Silverman, APRN Palliative Care
I am an advanced practice RN who is board certified in adult gerontology as well as hospice and palliative care. I’ve served in palliative care since August 2015 and was previously a hospice RN for 7 years.
I am passionate about palliative care, and motivated to offer an alternative in a society that has difficulty accepting the limits of medicine. Through conversation and practice, I am committed to empowering people by offering an informed voice and by partnering with healthcare colleagues to uphold patient-determined quality of life.

Sharon Spruill, BSN, RN, CHPN, Care Transitions Coordinator
In my 34 years of experience in hospice and palliative care, I have been devoted to helping patients and their families earlier in the disease process so they can enjoy the best quality of life possible. I am board certified in Internal Medicine and hospice and palliative care.

Cynthia (Cindy) Snook, APRN Palliative Care
I originally served as a nursing assistant before becoming an RN serving in hospice admissions and later as a hospital liaison at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton. After earning an Advance Practice nursing degree, I joined the palliative care team 3 1/2 years ago. I am a strong patient advocate who believes palliative care enables us to recognize and incorporate an individual’s goals, values, cultural and belief systems into the treatment plan to assure that personal choice in healthcare direction is not lost.

Mark A. Curtis, MSN, PMHCNS-BC, ACHPN, LMT, Director, Integrative Medicine and Complimentary Care
I have seven years in palliative care and 30 years in adult psychiatry and mental health services, and a  special interest in assisting individuals and groups to establish life goals, develop resiliency and maintain hope when confronted with physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual challenges. I hold a Master of Science in Nursing, am board certified in hospice and palliative nursing and as a psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialist. I also hold certification in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and am a licensed medical massage therapist. I believe that while patients may not be able to change the fact that they have a chronic illness, they can learn techniques to gain control in how to deal with it. I work collaboratively with patients to achieve the highest level of functioning while maintaining dignity, comfort and quality of life.

Holly J. Long, MSN, APRN, GCNS-BC, CEN, Geriatric, Palliative Care Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
I joined the Innovative Care Solutions team in 2018, bringing 25 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and as a board-certified emergency nurse and geriatric clinical nurse specialist. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s disease last year at the early age of 69. I consider my work a way of honoring my mother’s legacy by making a difference in the lives of older adults and their families.

Pam Lamb, MSN, APRN, GCNS, ACHPN, CEN, Advance Practice Registered Nurse
I believe our fragmented healthcare system does not serve the needs of those living with chronic and serious illness, and I am committed to making a difference. As a board-certified emergency nurse, geriatric clinical nurse specialist and hospice and palliative nurse with 45 years of experience, I focus on person-centered care to improve patient quality of life. It is a privilege every day to make a difference in the lives of people by providing relief from symptoms and stress associated with serious illnesses and advocating for their wishes.

Deb Hurst, ACHPN, Palliative Care Advance Practice Registered Nurse
I have 15 years of experience as a clinical nurse and now serve as Team Lead for Premier Health Palliative Care services. I am certified in hospice and palliative care and committed to providing holistic person-centered care to support patients and families during their life journey. I am passionate about the sharing the patient’s life story, supporting their goals and dreams, listening to their greatest fears and assuring that their wishes will be honored.

Theresa Kern, MS, APRN, Team Lead for Kettering Health Network
I am an adult geriatric clinical nurse specialist and hold advanced nursing certification in hospice and palliative care. I have 25 years of nursing experience with eight of those years in palliative care. As many people are now living longer with what could be a life-limiting illness, I have witnessed their struggles with symptoms and issues that decrease quality of life. I believe life should be lived to its fullest and am passionate about assisting others in achieving the best quality of life possible, supporting them both physically through symptom management, and emotionally through other avenues of support. My belief is that suffering is preventable and unnecessary. It is my mission to improve the lives of patients.

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